Time flies by… in my 11th year of teaching already.  I started off teaching in the Seattle area (where I’m from) and then moved down to Oregon for a bit.  I had never been anywhere outside the US and wanted to see the world – what better way than to move to a country you have never heard of and work at an international school?  So off to Prague, Czech Republic I went and loved it so much I stuck around for five years.  Ready for another adventure, I headed with some friends to Sweden for a couple of years and have now moved to Australia (in search of warmer weather and English).  And in my rather unconventional journey I’ve never taught the same year group within the same curriculum twice, which translates into having little to no idea what I’m doing, but getting on with it anyways.  And I’ve loved it, I love the variety of it all…there are good parts and ‘things to be developed’ in every curriculum but it keeps me entertained and thinking and learning tons.  This is a part of my journey.

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